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Art journal page Just because with an image from a coloring book

Art journal: Just because

This quick art journal page was created with transparent acrylic paint, washi tape and an image from a coloring book. Simple and fun - no expensive supplies needed! To see how I made this mixed media layout, click the link to Youtube time lapse video tutorial at the end of this page.


- white paper
- pieces of an old book page
- glue stick
- pink transparent acrylic paint (mine is made by Flying Tiger, which is a Danish brand, but you can use any transparent paint you like, for example Distress paints by Tim Holtz)
- red, yellow and white acrylic paint or water color paint in tube
- background stamp, I used a honeycomb patterned stamp
- sponge daubers or make-up sponges for spreding paint
- an image from a coloring book (Flying Tiger) or any other black and white image
- washi tape
- black markers
- charcoal pencil for shadowing
- word stickers or printed words for a title


I tore a couple of pieces from an old book page and glued them down to the background. Next step I stamped with red paint and painted over it with acrylic paints. I added an image from a coloring book, washi tape stripes, dark shadowing and the title. Remember to clean the songe dauber immediately after use with warm water and let everything dry before you go on to the next step! Acrylic paints dry really fast.

Watch a Youtube timelapse video tutorial (length 3:09) on the process of how to make this page:

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