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Art journal tutorial: Summer polar bears

Polar bears' first day of summer

This cheerful art journal page was created with cheap acrylic paints, watercolor, an image from a coloring book and a hearts stencil - simple, easy and fun! To see how I made this layout, click the link to Youtube timelapse video tutorial at the end of this page.


- white paper for pencil drawing, 120 g/m2
- cheap acrylic paints: two shades of green & orange red (Flying Tiger)
- leaf stamps
- yellow transparent acrylic paint (mine is made by Flying Tiger, which is a Danish brand, but you can use any transparent paint you like, for example Distress paints by Tim Holtz)
- sponge daubers for spreding paint
- white opaque acrylic paint
- stencil (hearts pattern)
- polar bears are from an coloring book (from Flying Tiger as well), you can use any black and white image you like to create similar effect
- glue stick
- watercolors
- black ball point pen
- alphabet stamps and black ink (I used Archival ink)
- black and white markers
- white gel pen


I started with stamping green leaves using green acrylic paint as ink. Then I painted the backround with yellow transparent paint and diluted green paint using sponge daubers. I cut out an image of polar bears from a coloring book by Tiger and glued down to the right side of the art journal page. I used watercolor for shadowing. Finally I added the hearts and the title "it's the first day of SUMMER and I'm loving it" plus some more details. Remember to clean your stencil and the sponge dauber immediately after use with warm water! And DON'T use wet sponge as you use the stencil!

Watch a Youtube timelapse video tutorial (length 3:59) on the process of how to make this page:

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