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Art journal page: Grow - using chalk pastels

Art journal: Grow

This art journal page was created with flower stamps, chalc pastels and an image from a magazine. I liked the idea of imaginary flowers growing in the same pot with realistic flowers and that's how this page got started. To see how I made this mixed media layout, click the link to Youtube time lapse video tutorial at the end of this page.


- I used an old book as my art journal
- silicone brush or paint brush
- white gesso
- black acrylic paint
- a wood grain stencil
- sponge dauber or a make-up sponge
- a magazine cutout (flower pot)
- a butterfly cutout, I used a digital stamp that I've made myself
- glue stick
- flower stamps and a leaf stamp
- Archival ink / permanent black ink
- black pigment markers and a black ball point pen
- glue stick
- chalk pastels and a brush for coloring
- golden glitter glue, mine is from Flying Tiger
- chunky alphabet stamps


I started with applying gesso to the page. I glued down an image of a flower pot and stamped flowers around it. After a little doodling I colored everything with chalk pastels using them like watercolors. Chalk pastels are more opaque than watercolors and create lovely, dusty pastel colors when used as watercolors. Remember to clean your stencil and brushes immediately after using them with gesso and let everything dry before you go on to the next step!

Watch a Youtube timelapse video tutorial (length 10:27) on the process of how to make this page:

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