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Art journal page tutorial with pencil drawing

Art journal page with pencil drawing

This mixed media art journal page started with drawing a face with pencils. At first I didn't quite know what to do with it. I was afraid that I would ruin my art work if I started adding anything else but gesso around it. It sometimes happens that I've liked the beginning of a page more than the end result, and I felt that my pencil drawing with some gesso in an old book page was complete as it was, and it didn't need anything else except for maybe a frame around the page and a title.

Anyway, after having spent a nice summer day outside, I returned to my art journal and finished the page. I was quite happy with the final art journal page, and if you would like to see how I was drawing this face with pencils, just click the link to Youtube timelapse video tutorial at the end of this page.


- white paper
- various pencils and a rubber
- an old book or pages of an old book for a background (I'm using an old book as one of my art journals)
- glue stick
- various black markers
- white gesso
- black and white washi tapes, I used alphabet tape and "Travel to Italy" tape
- yellow transparen acrylic paint
- brushes and a make-up sponge
- water colors
- various travel related stamps
- black Archival ink
- white acrylic paint (I used Folkart off white craft paint)
- Dylusions ink spray Vibrant turqoise, which I used like water color
- title stripes: stickers or printed
- white metallic paint markerbr> - white gel pen
- white sand effect paste / texture paste (Creabox Marabu)
- stencil: Mini tiny circles / TCW designed by Balzer Designs


I started with drawing a face using various pencils. I cut the face in half and glued it down to an old book that I use as an art journal. I drew arched lines and painted part of the page with gesso. I added lots of everythig after that, and what I did is best seen on the process video. It was quite a long process - but fun! I recommend you to watch the video. Remember to let the paint dry completely before using markers. Clean your stencil, the sponge and brushes immediately after use with warm water.

Watch a Youtube time lapse video tutorial (length 11:41) on the process of how to make this page:

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