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DIY Christmas Advent Calendar Penguins

DIY Christmas Advent Calendar

Print out this adorable penguin, color it with crayons and make your own Christmas advent calendar - it's quick and easy!


- a large picture frame (12"x16" / 30x40 cm)
- a large scrapbook page (12"x12"). I used a cheap pad called Winter Wonderland by Graphix that I bought last year
- A4 white drawing paper and printing paper
- crayons (I used oil pastels)
- glue stick
- tape and/or ribbon or a stapler for packing
- white yarn and tape
- masking tape or washi tape


It's super easy to make this adorable advent calendar! Create the background using a large scrapbook paper and a snowhill made of white drawing paper. Trim edges if necessary.

Print out one of the large penguins (see: Printable penguins) on A4 drawing paper - it's slightly thicker than regular printing paper - color it with crayons and adhere it to the glass (or under it) with a glue stick.

How to make the Penguin Advent Calendar

Wrap your treats in white printing paper and use masking tape or washi tape to hang them - or simply pile them in front of the picture frame, if you place your calendar on a table or a drawer!

Penguin Christmas Calendar Print out penguins:

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