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Simple Ideas DIY Minimalist Christmas Holiday Cards

Simple ideas how to make Christmas & Holiday cards using recycled material and minimalist, affordable decoration. They're easy to make, they're eco friendly and they're good looking as well!


- recycled card, brown and white. You can buy recycled card or you can use cereal boxes etc.
- (decorative) scissors
- grey paper twine
- baby wipes or thin, white fiber cloths
- white markers and/or gel pens
- bird die cuts or DIY die cuts made of gift wrap (supported with recycled card)
- snowflake stamps and grey or silver ink. Use design paper if you don't have snowflake stamps.
- white pva glue or hot glue, gluestick or double sided tape, foamtape or pieces of a cardboard box to lift things up
- bling and small decorations (optional)


ALL THE CARDS: Cut out a piece of recycled card that's different color than the card base and slightly smaller than the base. Glue it down with craft glue or double sided tape.

DIY Holiday card ideas with birds and a Christmas tree

HOLIDAY/CHRISTMAS CARD 1: Cut out a tree shape using decorative or regular scissors. Cut a strip of baby wipe. Decorate the tree with baby wipe stripes and paper twine like in the picture above. Adhere the tree to the card with a glue gun or with craft glue. Write a sentiment like "JOY" to recycled card, cut it out and glue on top of the tree. Make white dots to the background with a white marker or a gel pen.

HOLIDAY/CHRISTMAS CARD 2: Draw a tree shape with a white marker. Glue down (or draw) a snowflake decoration to the top of the tree. Decorate with bling or use a white or silver gel pen to decorate the tree. Super simple and pretty!

HOLIDAY/CHRISTMAS CARD 3: If you're using gift wrap paper, glue the bird onto recycled card to support it before you fussy cut it. Stamp snowflakes to the background with grey or silver ink. You can also use design paper as background, if you don't have stamps. Wrap paper twine around the card like in the picture and adhere the twine with glue. Use foam tape or a piece of cardboard box to level the bird and the background when you adhere them. If you have small snowflake decorations, they're perfect decoration for this card!

VIDEO TUTORIAL: If you like, you'll find a step by step video tutorial with voice over and detailed photos on Youtube:
Christmas cards - Simple ideas

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