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DIY Christmas Ornaments - Hand Painted Baubles

DIY Hand Painted Baubles

How to make beautiful frosty looking Christmas ornaments using only inexpensive baubles, white paint and a marker? You'll find some amazing ideas here and even more, if you watch the video tutorial on painting and decorating silver colored Christmas baubles!

What makes some of these baubles very special is the illusion of transparency created by the contrast between shiny silver baubles and matt white paint. You can turn regular baubles into amazing "glass" baubles in a minute!


- silver Christmas baubles
- matt white acrylic paint or gesso
- soft flat brush
- pointed brush, if you like to paint something like spirals or wedges
- thick white marker (I used Faber-Castell PITT artist pen white 101)
- Optional: silver marker, glitter glue, diamond wrap, glitter trim, stickers, sequins, craft glue, hot glue


Use matt white paint to cover part of the baubles. Decorate the clear area with white marker. You can add details with glitter glue, stickers, trims etc. To see how to paint and decorate the baubles that you can see in the image below, just watch the video!

DIY Christmas Ornaments - Hand Painted Baubles

You can see the process step by step and detailed closeup photos in a 10 minute Youtube video tutorial here:
DIY Hand Painted Christmas Baubles

More ideas:

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