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DIY one minute easy to make paper stars

DIY Quick Paper Stars

Learn how to fold and cut beautiful 5 point paper stars in just one minute! All you need is a square piece of paper and scissors. There's a learnig curve, but once you learn the process, it's super quick and easy to make tons of gorgeous paper star ornaments for all kinds of Christmas decorations!

Great Christmas craft for kids as well!


- a square piece of paper: copy paper, patterned paper, scrapbook paper, thin card stock, gift wrap paper, a page from an old book - anything you can find! It may be large or small.
- strong scissors
- a ruler (optional), in case you feel you need one


You can see step by step instructions in the pictures below, but the very best way to learn to make paper stars is to watch the 6 minutes video tutorial. You'll find the link down below.

How to Fold a Paper Star

Start with a paper square. Fold it in two upwards (1). Find the point X in the left side that is 1/3 of the length down from the top of the paper (2). Fold corner A to point X (3). Fold the red triangle to the other side of the paper (4 & 5). Fold the paper in two (6). Take the paper in your hand like in the picture (7) and cut along the red line. Enforce short folds up and then turn the star around in your hand and enforce long folds up (8) until your star looks like this (9).

If the instructions sound complicated, don't worry - just watch the video tutorial and see with your own eyes how easy it is to fold a simple paper star. You can pause and rewind the video as many times as you like and eventually you'll lear how to make perfect five point stars!

DIY Paper Stars Video Tutorial Video tutorial:

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