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Airplane travel tips:
Flying with a baby 
How to survive a plane ride with a baby


Parents are often worried about the first time at an airplane with a baby. Donīt worry! Flying with a baby is not so bad and babies are a common sight at airplanes. Youīll find a few airplane travel tips for families with babies here.

At airport: Baby changing facilities and care rooms are available at most airports. Some airports provide baby strollers and some airlines let you take your own strollers. Itīs good to have something where your baby can sleep in case youīll have to wait for the flight at the airport. You can travel with your own baby carriage or strollers and transport them in the plane with the luggage.

Baby in an airplane with her own safety belt

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In airplane: Families traveling with babies are often seated in the front row. Thereīs more room to move and small babies can sleep in special baby bassinets that are attached to the wall before the seats. Remember to request a bassinet before flight.

Babies and small children under 2 years donīt have seats of their own in the airplane so theyīll have small safety belts that are  attached to their parentsī seat belts during takeoff and landing. If your baby is on a bottle or breastfeeding give them the bottle or the breast for takeoff and landing. It may help balance the air pressure in baby's ears, but usually babies donīt seem to mind takeoffs or landings. Lucky babies!

Itīs not fun to change diapers at airplane but itīs possible. If itīs not necessary to use running water you can change diapers on your lap instead of going to the toilet - itīll be more comfortable.

What to take in the plane with you:
Dress the baby in warm and comfortable clothes that are easy to take off if it becomes too warm. Remember to take diapers, diaper changing matt, warm socks, clothes to change if necessary and maybe some toys that will calm your baby down. Donīt take too much, thoug. Warm covers and pillows are usually found in the airplane.

Have a nice flight with your baby!

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