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Travelling with kids - MALTA - Travel in Malta with four children

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Travelling in Malta:
Travel in Malta with four children



Unlike some other Mediterranean countries Malta is not famous for sunny beaches - it´s the Knights of Malta and the medieval surroundings that Malta is famous for. In fact there aren´t many beaches and most of the tourists like to stay in Valletta, Sliema, Mdina and other old cities in Malta.

However, it is also the warm and pleasant climate that makes Malta an attractive family travel destination. Malta is an excellent choise for families who are bored with the usual beach resorts.

This travel started in the end of mars just before the summer season began.



The most famous cities in Malta are Valletta, the capital of Malta, and Sliema. Another small but very pleasant town is St Julians next to Sliema.

Sliema Slieman, the cliffs
Sliema. You can stop at a café or restaurant - or maybe go on to Valletta or any other place on the island.
Busses and ferries depart regularly.
On the other side of Sliema you
can admire the Mediterranean Sea
and step down to walk on the cliffs.
Busses in Malta Valletta - What a view!
The busses are not only pretty.
They´re efficient and the bus fares
are quite cheap in Malta.
 Ice Cream break in Valletta.
What a view! 
Kids in Valletta Shops in Valletta

Not much has changed
since the medieval times.
The Cathedral, Valletta

Modern shops in Valletta.
The prices are quite modern as well.
No cheap bargains here!


While parents enjoy the medieval atmosphere, kids want to enjoy the sun, go swimming, go eating and of course they want to have fun. So let´s have fun! Malta is full of chanses to experience true adventures.

Mellieha Bay - a beach resort in Malta Kids love the hotel pool - Hotel Sundown Court
Beach resort Mellieha Bay on the
northern side of the island.
Kids love the clean and warm
water in the hotel pool.
 Hotel Sundown Court near Sliema.
Mediterraneo Park - a parrot Mediterraneo Park, Dolphins
Mediterraneo Park.
A parrot rides a motorcycle.
Dolphins at Mediterraneo Park.
If you like you can swim in
the same pool with dolphins!

Malta - on an amusement park for small children

© Story & pictures: Auer Media

There´s a tiny little amusement park for little children in Mediterraneo Park, but part of it is available in summer season only. The waterpark next to Mediterraneo Park is closed in winter, too.

Fishing villages are worth visiting and kids will love the boats - they´re cute and all of them have eyes! You can also sail around the island on an old sailing ship or maybe take a trip to Gozo or Sicily. In the north you´ll find Popey Village where a movie about Popey was filmed.

The ancient capital Mdina in the middle of Malta is the best preserved medieval city in Europe.

Kids in Mdina in the center of Malta
A narrow alley in Mdina

In Malta you and your kids can imagine you´ve arrived in different time with a time machine. There´s nothing like Malta in the whole world!

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